Results and photos from Supremacy League Bangkok

Results and photos from Supremacy League Bangkok

Supremacy League IV at MBK Center in Bangkok was a tremendous success! A fully packed MBK Center could witness six thrilling full muaythai rules fights out of which three were title fights. Four international fighters battled for the Supremacy Hyperions title in 60.000 kg while there were two bouts competing for the MBK titles. This setup was buttered up with a superb international superfight which was way leveled at the highest international possible standard.

1. Ricky Granstad vs Kanongsuk Pitsnu Gym
Initially the Supremacy championship was shot off with a duel between an experienced MMA fighter from Sweden and a routined muaythai striker. The event came off on top for the thai fighter who managed to keep his positions even when under pressure. This one came out a distinct winner for Kanongsuk going on to the Supremacy Hyperions -60.000 kg championship final.

2. Cody Moberly vs Jaoveha Luktupfah
The second semi-final for the Supremacy Hyperions championship belt was a real nail-biter. Moberly truly shook the thai in the first and second round but got cut badly in the second round and had to caution up which gave the thai a chance to get back into the game. In the fourth round both gave their full hearts and though the american ended a load of very fine techniques the thai got the best of him and ended up on top as the second finalist for the title.

3. Sakai vs Petnavy
The third bout of the evening was a bulging experience where either of the fighters could have come out on top, but where small differences made the change and the hungrier Petnavy come out victorious.

4. Kun Kao vs Tasapon
The fourth fight of the evening was an MBK title fight in the ladies division which has a clash of styles and changed in development for each round. By tight choice finally Kun Kao come out stronger on the judges score card and grabbed the title.

5. Petsangnuan vs Abdel Maxsportgym
The big superfight of the evening turned just as exciting as expected. The muaythai superstar Petsangnuan was challenged by the strong upcoming French star Abdel. The underdog showed up well prepared for this fight with no respect and even if Petsangnuan dictated the direction in the first round he was truly shook by serious blows in both the second and third rounds. As international super bouts are intended, the fight went from one fighter being shaken to fighter being so, and at the end of the fight Petsangnuan came out winning by minimal margin. The fight was one of the most entertaining of the year and gave both fighters great international recognition.

6. Jaoveha vs Kanongsuk
The Supremacy title fight came out with two hungry fighters going for the win. After an cautious first round the tempo got to Supremacy level at the second and kicks were thrown in a furious tempo. After an extremely tight bout, the judges finally decided with the white corner on top and Thailand and Jaoveha Luptupfah taking the belt!

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