WKN Pro World Title - Main event at "Supremacy Rising"

WKN Pro World Title – Main event at “Supremacy Rising”

It is now official and confirmed that there will be a super fight for a professional belt at the Supremacy Rising event in Stockholm in October. Contracts now confirm that the bout will be for the WKN Super Cruiserweight title with fighters from Canada and Sweden. More specifically the Supremacy League are proud to announce the following battle between two giants:

Tofan Pirani (SWE) vs Joey George (CAN)
WKN K1 World Championship fight
Super Cruiserweight -92,500 kg

Tofan Pirani with his over 76 fights has been fighting professionally for almost a decade and a half. With experience from K-1 fights in Tokyo as early as 1999 he is a man with tremendous routine who has been seen on the large international stages. With recent fights against monsters like Bob Sapp in Dubai and other numerous international bouts he is hungry for collecting one of the largest scalps of his career. At the same time the large canadian is the reigning canadian champion and recently recruited by the K-1 promotion. He is almost undefeated in his 27 fights and he is hungry and upcoming. Who will be in the shortest end of the stick in this battle – the experienced fighter with routine or the hungry fighter with knockout power?

The bout is expected to draw much attention to the venue at Berns in Stockholm and will be one of the main events of the gala. For Sweden this is also an historical event as this is the first professional kickboxing title fight ever to take place in the country!

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