Swedish K1 Pro title fight on Supremacy Gotland

Swedish K1 Pro title fight on Supremacy Gotland

The second fight to be released for Supremacy League V on July 11 is the first ever national K1 pro title fight organized in Sweden. This historic event is a WKN K1 Swedish title in the 76,200 kg middleweight category sanctioned by the World Kickboxing Network and the Swedish Kickboxing Federation.

The two contenders for this Swedish pro belt are none other than the phantom fighter Meran “Mr KO” Zangana (34-12-0) from Sweden Top Team and the extreme talent Burim Rama (27-8-1) from C4 Muaythai. Meran has a strong record of an IFMA World Championship silver medal from 2009, a Swedish K1 Championship gold medal in 2013 and several wins in large promotions such as Rumble of the Kings including a Bitcoin Fighting Championship belt. He enters the ring on July 11 with 10 KO’s to his record. And he is facing a hungry talented Burim who comes in with a fresh European Championships bronze medal in muaythai and no less than 12 KO’s behind him.

These two knockout champions are both putting all in to conquer the first ever Swedish K1 pro belt. On this Swedish summer evening we will have a story of merit versus talent, where both fighters are actually both young, merited and talented. This will be a fight that goes well into the history books of K1 kickboxing.

fightcard - Zangana vs Rama

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